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Car Maintenance Tips are very important for car owners to know. They are an essential part of having a car. Buying expensive cars does not guarantee excellent condition of the car throughout its life span, until and unless proper maintenance is carried out. Proper maintenance includes different parameters like maintenance of the car engine, the car body, the car tyres etc. These are specialized segments of the car and they need to be regularly maintained properly and at regular intervals as well. Otherwise, the car won't function properly. And if proper maintenance is done, then the car will have longevity and will also function properly.

The following are the guidelines for proper car maintenance:

  • Car maintenance can be done by going through the owner's manual properly.
  • The car should be serviced at regular intervals. Either in terms of time or kilometers run.
  • The car should be washed everyday and kept clean. This goes for both the exterior and the interior.
  • The mobile oil, the engine oil and break oil should be regularly checked and changed from time to time.
  • For any kind of mechanical problem, the car should be taken to an authorized service station or to a reputed mechanic.
  • If at any, given point of time, any spare parts are required, then it is always advisable to buy original spare parts rather than the cheap duplicate ones.
  • The car battery should always be checked at regular intervals and the distill water level should be checked once every week.
  • The coolant should also be checked once every week.
  • The car tyres should be properly checked at regular intervals and the air pressure should be checked every two to three days.
  • The break fluid and the clutch fluid should also be checked at regular intervals.
  • During the rains, car wash service should be done properly and the anti-rust paint should be painted.
  • The wheel alignment and balance should be checked at regular intervals.
  • Lubricants should be used on all the doors and windows of the car at regular intervals to avoid jamming. In case if the rubber linings have got spoiled, then it should be changed.
  • According to the owner's manual, the wheels should be rotated after certain period of time.
  • The gear System and the gear oil should be regularly checked.
  • The air- conditioning system should also be checked along with the cooling system of the car.
  • The electrical system should also be checked.


Car Air Conditioner is an integral part of the car. It is very important because of the fact that it provides ultimate satisfaction during the hot summer days and more so because India in general has very hot climatic conditions due to tropical climate. Thus, the car air conditioner has become a necessity.

The essential components of a car air conditioner are:

  • The compressor
  • The refrigerant gas
  • The condenser
  • The expansion valve
  • The evaporator

The compressor is the most important part of the air conditioner. As the name suggests, the main function of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant gas and sent it to the condensing coils and this work is carried on through a pump.

The refrigerant gas's function is to disseminate the heat and cool down in the process. Ultimately, it so happens that the gas is transformed into liquid state and it furthers the cooling process.

The condenser is supposed to cool the refrigerant gas and condense it into the liquid state.

The expansion valve is supposed to re-convert the liquid in to gas once again. This process leads to a high drop of temperature inside the evaporator

The gas is then directed through the evaporator where a fan blower is attached to blow the cool air from the evaporator into the vents on the dashboard. And, finally into the car's inside.

This process is a continuous cycle. The cool air inside once again gets re-channeled to the compressor, where the same process is carried all over again. However, after a certain degree of temperature is attained the thermostat shuts of the compressor for a certain period of time. And then the process starts all over again.

The maintenance of the car air conditioner requires maintenance of its important components. The common problems are:

  • The level of the refrigerant gas must be checked from time to time. If the level of refrigerant gas is low, then the air conditioner will not work properly. Even any possibility of a leakage must be checked as well. Thus it is recommended that every time the car goes for servicing, the level should be checked.
  • There are several mechanical problems attached with it as well. There could be problems with wiring or electrical switches or with the fuses etc.
  • Accumulation of dust and dirt is a major problem though. Many a times it's seen that dirt or leaves getting accumulated near any of the important components of the air conditioner can make it dysfunctional totally. Hence, creating an obstacle for the entire system to function properly.


Car Brakes are another important aspect of car maintenance. They are related to safety as well. Brakes should be checked and maintained on a very regular basis to ensure that accidents do not happen. Because failure of the breaking mechanism can be fatal and can cause destruction of life and property as well.

The following are the guidelines for car break maintenance:

  • The break oil should be maintained and checked properly.
  • The hand brake cables should also be maintained properly.
  • The break pads and the break linings should always be checked at regular intervals to make sure that they are in proper shape, if not, then should be adjusted accordingly.


The Car Cooling System should be maintained with utmost importance. This system is responsible for maintaining or protecting the valuable engine of the car. The cooling system stops the car engine from overheating.

The most important component of the cooling system is the coolant. The coolant is a special kind of liquid used to cool the engine. The coolant level should be checked at regular intervals and more frequently during summers.

The cooling system accessories like its pipes and hoses should be checked for leakage or for mal-functioning at regular intervals. The pressure caps attached to the radiator should also be examined properly to ensure that the cap is not defective. Even the fan belt should be examined as well.


The Car Electrical System is as important as the nervous system of the human body. Any failure or any kind of altercation can cause serious damage to the car and a lot of inconvenience for the car owner.

The different components of the electrical system are the battery, the switches, the wiring, the fuses etc. However, out of all of them the most important are the battery and the fuses.

The battery should be maintained properly and checked regularly. The water level of the battery should be maintained properly. If the car is not being in use, then the battery terminals should be removed. The battery and the alternator should have to be in very good shape to ensure that there is no starting problem.

The fuses and the wiring are equally important as well. The fuses should also be checked and maintained to make sure that the fuses do not blow up while the car is in motion and create inconvenience for everybody.


Car Engine is the most important part of the car. It is the driving force behind the proper functioning of the car. Without the engine a car is just like any other toy car. Thus engine maintenance is of foremost importance.

Engine oil is the most important component of the engine. The engine oil level should be regularly examined. Especially before long drives. It is highly recommended that driving a car without engine oil is highly unsafe and risky. The fan belt should also be examined properly as it is a very important part of the engine function.

During servicing, the old engine oil should always be changed with the new engine oil. The dipstick should always be used to ascertain the level of engine oil in the vehicle. The oil pressure needs to be examined as well.


Car Fuel System is another essential aspect of a car. Fuel used in the car should be of high quality. Until and unless the fuel is of high quality the mileage of the car will not be good.

Low quality fuel if used can cause many serious problems for the car. For example, the fuel filter can become dirty and can cause problems.

The other important components of the fuel system are the air filter, the spark plug and the timing belt. Even the maintenance of all these components are to be taken very seriously and needs to be examined at regular intervals. If required they should be replaced as well.


Car Gears are used to increase the speed of the car. Normally as and when the speed of the car increases the gears increase as well. So if you want to attain higher speed you have to shift to the next higher gear. Even when you want to decrease the speed you need to shift down the gear to a lower level. Normally cars in India have either four or five gears and a reverse gear. Whenever gears are changed while driving it is necessary that the clutch be pressed at the same time as well. That is how the gear system works. However, as soon as the gear is shifted the foot should be immediately removed from the clutch plate. Otherwise if the foot is kept on the plate while driving, it will completely burn the clutch plate and hence spoil it completely. But another important fact is that the clutch and the accelerator motion should be synchronized properly to ensure that the car is in motion. Without proper synchronization, the motion of the car will stop. Hence this proves the importance of the gear system in a car.

Thus, the gear oil should be checked and examined frequently to ensure smooth movement of the gears and at the same time the clutch plates should also be examined at proper intervals.


Car Tyres are the balancing aspect of the car. A car is balanced on four wheels or tyres. Car Tyres have other functions apart from balancing as well. They roll and make the car move. The air pressures of the tyres are also directly related to the mileage of the car. For example if the air pressure is low, then the mileage will also be low. Improper or spoilt tyres can also spoil the suspension and the steering wheel balance of the car. It is an absolute necessity to maintain your car tyres properly to avoid accidents and unwanted situations.

Therefore, the car tire's air pressure, the tread alignment of the tyres and the wheel alignment & balance should always be perfect. And those should be examined at regular intervals. It is highly recommended that a particular kind of tyre should be uniformly used in a car. For example, if someone is using radial tyres, then for all the four wheels, radial tyres should be used.

According to the owner's manual the tyres should be rotated after a certain period of time. This particular factor varies from car to car according to the make. Therefore it becomes absolutely necessary for the owner to consult his cars manual before implementing that.


Automobiles undergo wear and tear with the passage of time. It can also be a cause of damages and accidents. As a result of this, automobiles require constant monitoring and repairs. Through automobileindia.com, you get to understand your vehicle better and also get an idea on the scene of automobile repair in India. It will also help you in identifying the core areas of trouble associated with your automobile and also provide the remedial measures to solve them.

One of the most common problems associated with repairs involving automobiles is the battery. If your car battery is not powerful, the car might experience a state of sudden electrical halt. Moreover, automobile batteries are very much susceptible to corrosions which might lead to starting problems. The most common and simple battery repair that can be done is to clean its posts to ensure a quick start. However, if there is a major charging problem experienced by your car battery, it is always advisable to get that checked by an automobile mechanic.

An integral part of any automobile is its brake. At times, we notice common problems involving automobiles relates to their brakes. A problem involving brakes should always be given due importance as because your safety might be hampered if brake malfunctioning is overlooked. You should always check the break fluid of your vehicle. At times you can add a few drops over the top to ensure that it is in running condition.

Another very common problem associated with cars is fluid leakage. If you find the leak to be blackish and oily in nature, then most probably, it is the leaked engine oil. In such a case, you need to wait for some days to see whether this type of emission continues or not. In case of their continual, you must call your mechanic. However, if you get to see that the oil is reddish in colour and texture, be rest assured that it is nothing else, but the transmission fluid.

If you notice that a significant amount of this fluid is being emitted every now and then, seek for professional help from your mechanic. At times, even the brake fluid can get leaked. Such types of leaks are mostly common near the wheels. Such leaks need quick repair because they may lead to failure of the brakes. So, never take a chance with leaked brake fluid of your automobile and endanger your safety.


Car kits are generally the different gears or a specific set of tools which are meant to serve specific vehicular functions. They may vary from car body components to the car wheels. So, in a broad sense, all the components which are involved in the normal functioning of a car may be termed as Car Kit.

These Car Kits can be instrumental in making your automobile look cool and trendy. With the help of some basic maneuverings coupled with sound installations, your own car might turn out to be a standalone amongst a multitude of other automobiles. Installation of these car body kits are mostly done by the professional automobile mechanics. However, during some cases, you may yourself install them without any sort of hazards.

Installation of most of the car body kits are done with the help of screw drivers and in some rare cases, special adhesives which can join the original bumper. Some other popular car body kits include the likes of grilles and LEDs.

A very common car kit is the car bulb. This particular form of car kit is mainly used off roads. They come in various sizes and you need to go though the application guide of such bulbs before you ultimately make your desired choice. You may also find an online guide for this particular form of car kit. The more colorful the bulb is, greater it will make your vehicle appealing.

However, perhaps the most important car kit is the performance parts which are associated with it. These are best known to us for adding requisite amount of horsepower to the car. As a result of this, the speed of your car is enhanced by leaps and bounds. In Hyundai cars, these performance parts can add in the range of 1-100Hp depending upon the upgrading amount you wish to choose. Such car kits will surely enhance your cars compatibility as well as make driving a treat for you. You can also wish to use performance pulley (a widely used car kit) in your vehicle and Turbo Timers simultaneously. Both these will help your cars engine to cool down even in extreme weather conditions.

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